Sonny 2 PC Game

Sonny 2 Trick, tips and cheat code Pc Game
To build effective psychological:
Use all attribute points on instinct. give all your skill points to
shock therapy, free will, and move along the electric terror.Then tree
until you get to form ghost, then use it in the beginning of every battle,
use terror following, after the use of 3 shock therapy (have them in their
1 bar with free will, the ghost form, 2 terrors, and 1 thunderstorm)
to begin the battle with the enemy at HP, at least 3,000 less (plus any
the damage of your partner).
How to kill the Hydra as Bio:
-stike vicious at level 4
level of savagery 4
Sharpe SENCES-level 4
level mixing Lifetime 4
-and the remaining 4 i recommend
Top Blogs

-or integrity
"Ive got a todos ..
-ok and now your Skill Bar
-must be well
vicious strike x2
Sharp-SENCES x2
x1 shadow mix
, Then you have 3 spaces to spare ..
-spaces in my Ive put in subversion, coup leader and destroy.
-ok now you get to kill acute SENCES then blend shadow, then
vicious strike from the clutches of the fire and then the vicious strike again and get your
back focus.
claws-take 1 at a time.
-put mode veradux Wil planuex keep it alive, but if it isn't then put
aggressive and then he put suversion about who has the lowest
health, like the claws of attack the person with the least amount of health
and then when the grip veradux heal your man put in again planuex
the next turn.
Beat Captain Hunt:
You will go to the scene, while the captain's health is low. The other
two do not have importance, since only keep casting buffs on themselves. Just let
they live. All you have to do is get HP's captain before he uses
Desperate Shield on himself.
Mixed classes:
You need 1 UN-used files! make any kind you want to level up to level ten
then save a PvP Go player makes any kind ... then 2 is a playe
epty slot ... Click the slot a few times then do a different class man under
that file and then you have the man who first two attacks and other kinds of attacks
and the level of statistics, but no ... works best with bio and hydro ... easy to earn through the game ..
Level to 30 and infinite money instantly:
Start a new person, no matter what kind or anything else. Beat the prison
(watch and rate or tutorial if you chose) and click continue. I close the window
Sonny explains 2, and click the spot on the left, or the upper left corner
of the jail cell with the selling rate. When posting or on it, read the next battle.
Click that, and u'll get into a battle with the platform rapidly changing. Press the
exclamation point and jump to turn the Uruguay Round. u'll see the screen saying u've level to the level of
NAN 30 and U acquired money.