Zoo Tycoon 2 - Extinct Animals-Cheat Codes


Zoo Tycoon 2 - Extinct Animals-Cheat Codes:
Release all the extinct animals in the wild to unlock the Quagga.
Accident of laboratory animals:
Get an animal creation mini-game scoring less than 50 \% to unlock
one of the following animals:
- Giant Bullfrog
- Giant Monarch Butterfly
- The murderer of Penguin
- Red squirrel
- Springhare
Note: Except for the murderer of Penguin, all these animals are
selectable environments.
Mysterious kangaroo:
Place a man and a woman Veloceraptor, the desert and wait until
mate and the woman is pregnant. She will start building a nest. You
informed when the nest is built on the top information bar. Click the
Veloceraptor women. Click the photo to the track. When you build
is to establish a nest egg. Only when the egg is set somewhere in your presentation
a baby kangaroo is slowly lifted from the ground and eventually disappear.
This can happen even if you do not have any kangaroos. This ruling, however, no
does not always work, only once in a while when the Velociraptor lays eggs.
Easter Egg - Murderer peguin:
You go to the research lab and get tons of bad combos 10% to 50% and you can get
different things, but an egg will be the murderer peguin. You can download zoo in Olso
tycoon volcano and download hacks peguin murderer to get on the list of animals
biome with any and all space.
Frozen caveman Live:
Sometimes when you buy a glacier, with a little luck, there will be a caveman
inside. Once some of them melts and leaves the cave, he will act like any
other guest at the zoo. Also, leave any other guest at the zoo. And
Glacier will disappear if you remove the cave too.
Zookeeper mode Speeds:
Click the left mouse button down to go a little faster, then the keybord
runs and finally move to hold sprint.
"Crouch" position in the way of photos:
Where in the photo mode, press X to take you to a "crouch" position
to give an impressive view of the images. You have to keep X held when the
Despite taking the picture.
World Terror:
In the free, challenge, or the campaign the game menu, spin the globe more
times quickly and you begin to hear the screams. Stop spinning and it
continue to scream until it stops. Congratulations, you have officially scared man kind.
Accidents, 49% or less fossil:
By creating fossils, and you have 50%. You can create an accidental animals.
These are, basically, like rodents or squirrels running around to find the
map. However, you can place on any other object.
1.Giant Bullfrog
3.Giant Monarch Butterfly
4.Red Squirrel
5.Killer Penguin.
Super Dino:
once cured of their sick animals to buy a lab click on it and click on the know
fossils, will mark an X on the right really can not see her so brilliantly
in the center right after clicking on one detector will ityou fossils, but sometimes
I am bad when his search for fossils and fossils of the detector can also be updated by
digging or doing more updates to the zoo fame once you know all the fossils that date back
the lab and click on the construction of fossils have to build the fossil and put back
put together once again click on the construction of the keyboard will then extinct animals
press the keys once the green line is to play once you have all the right score
is 100%, then you have a super dino.