Samurai Of Legend PC Games

Make Money
An easy way to make money is to repeatedly make use of all the accounts you
turns the wheel of fortune and then with gold coins you get
get to explore, Golden Temple and get money for gold and
all that gold has a master account and get so put
the subject of the article Market for all the money that man has used
account of his tour and then buy your account alternative
that just won a lot of money for something.
Power Training:

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For the power train, waiting for the readjustment of five minutes, then train 1 time, as
in, do 1 set. His energy and will be 99%. Go to the rice cakes,
and choose the option of geishas. Refresh the page until you have about 400%
will then train in the gym, filling and energy, workout at the gym, and stuffing
energy, time and again his willingness to reach 100% again, you must have
risen much in the statistics.
You need about 300 of rice and 300 gold for it. His will Go Back To
100% after 5 minutes resets both train as much as possible in 5
New Player Guide:
1: your new player, the first thing to do is go to "Explore", which is
the left of the screen legend samurai then go to "wheel of destiny", while you're doing
Wheel of Destiny (WOD) you can get put in jail, but no worries as other players
will break out (which are exp to break people) can also get put in hospital
If that happens, go to "inventory" and the use of a "Newby med kit" that begins with 50 for
should be anough to start your holiday can also be purchased at the store
2: Having earnt a bit of money you should open a bank that will cost ¥ 5000
and you should buy land to buy the best you can to the best of your home is
more statistics obtained when training
Once you have a bank should sell all their gold coins for the same or slightly lower
cheaper than current market gold coin (which can be found in exploring)
Ask fellow clan members, if interested in purchasing the first time that we can all benefit
of each other
Bank provided money and never leave things on the market for sale at logoff or
Other football cup and steal everything away from you
Going from level 1-4
1: All right, this must be a quick process, go to "crime" to the left of your screen and "serious
stealing "will appear every time you 29exp that crime and can not fail on
At level 2 you 8exp in 3exp you level 3 and level 4 only receives 1exp
Cuesta brave to do more crimes and be brave, go to "explore" and then goes to
"rice patties" can get their "benefit" to renew their brave a little.
Make Money
Now you should have your bank set up a farm, and could even be in a clan that should
start thinking about making money
In SOL you need to save money is the key on it otherwise
New players (especially below grade 10) should sell their rice and gold obtained from
They sell it at market prices do not allow yourself to get scammed
The first 30 million it receives must be thrown into a long-term investment rating 30 million
is the maximum you can invest Invest it for 20 days and get a return on average
rate somewhere between 200-250% In addition, making sure to do this on a day
You have one day donor otherwise have much less interest Sometimes you can get a
donor days the wheel of fortune
Do not spend most of their money while never more than 20% if you can avoid the power
compound interest will help in the long run, I do not care if the houses
weapons or not worth your
If you can get a bank card no matter what the cost is now spending millions is nothing
compared with the interest that takes you along for the best outcome we should have twice
whatever the price of a credit card at your bank that way you will not lose out
interest is an example of why you should get a bank card
Say 10 million left in his bank (which is nothing) after 30 days it will become
more than 32 million at 4% if you have a bank card that will get the 2% and will only be a
just over 18 million secure than the sum of 10 million only 14 million regrettable his
the difference, but imagine what happens when the quantities are in the hundreds of millions of
If you are a very new player trying to sell rice and gold market prices as a rule of
thumb that you want to max out your bank account of the city (which is 150 million dollars) and receives 30 million
an investment ASAP So in all honesty its first 180 million must be spent not at all
(unless you buy a level 30 or lower house, or a level of 100 or fewer weapons) You mainly
raise money by selling gold, rice and rolls can hold gym bags.
Make more money:
Another fantastic and sometimes even better than the manufacturer's bank will cost the city money from the interest
10 million yen a day
Go to "explore", then "Grab Bag Center" with 10 million yen and buy 2,000 boxes of surprises (not
less always buy 2000 or you could lose money)
Be careful to be assaulted, while you are buying have two tabs open and quickly
switch between them or make sure your health is below 50% so that it can not be assaulted Ha
a fellow clan pump to achieve this
Then they begin to open the boxes of surprises you can get ratty old dragon sculptures shinai book
Small fish Explosives Gun Powder Jade Carving Ono Personal Power Gym Power Gym and displacement
Admission of displacement
You're doing all this for the Power Gym Admission Scrolls as one of these is the only
worth over 13 million and the price is going
Selling to the clansmen, if interested or go to "explore" and then "Point market," and when
market issue is going to "Rolls" and check the price at Power Gym Admission Rolls
Then sell yours about 50-100k cheaper than the cheapest person
You should not take long to sell, but never close the session waiting to sell, because
if you sell it while offline, get robbed and assaulted all away from you.