Sally's Salon


Sally's Salon PC Games
Customer Feedback:
It is important to familiarize yourself with the types of clients in the game.
There are 12, each with varying degrees of inclination and patience. Here are some of
Examples of customers paying habits and temperament.
You can also search the tab "How to Play" in the game menu:
Large dump trucks, but impatient: Businesswoman, Business, Bride (pink dress with tiara)
Good tips and patient: Woman with the brown skirt, the man with gray pants,
Prom Queen (little pink dress)
Good tips and patient: Male student
Good advice, but impatient: Female student
Bad advice and impatient: Boy Punk and Goth Girl
Tips wrong, but very patient: Grandma and Grandpa
Super Tips:
Top Blogs

* In the beginning, save some for a washer-dryer and hair dryer (used) --
This will help a lot. Coffee is something useful to have (such as a barrister)
when you're in a bind. Get the most extras you can get as soon as possible --
extra hair washing chair, extra wax station, etc.
* Also, you can play the levels below. You will have the latest equipment, and
can earn more money that way. As far as I know, there is no trap. And as
soon as you can buy the candles, go for it. They are really useful in a tight
(spot worldwide eager and all).