Romance Of The Three Kingdoms XI

Romance of Three Kingdoms XI PC Games
Bonus scenarios:
It has a saved game file from Romance of the Three Kingdoms 10 to unlock
the Campaign of Lu Bu "and" Power Struggle "scenarios.
Official Portraits of Creation:
Successfully complete the "Rise of Heroes" scenario to unlock historical
portraits and models for created officers.
Officers Bonus:
Successfully complete the indicated Challenge scenario
officer to unlock the bonus.

Top Blogs

Cui Zhouping - Hunting Dong Zhuo Challenge Scenario
Guan Ning - Guan Du Skirmish Challenge Scenario
Baisha Lu - Mai Castle Escape Challenge Scenario
Meng Jian - Liu Bei subjugation Challenge Scenario
Shi Tao - The Turbans' End Challenge Scenario
Wang Tao - Rebellion Nanman Challenge Scenario
Wang Yue - Defense of Jie Ting Challenge Scenario
Zhang Shiping - Huang Zu Challenge Scenario
New officers:
Successful completion of the tutorials to unlock additional officers. Ten
new staff will be unlocked after the first tutorial. Ten new agents
will be unlocked after they completed four tutorials. Twelve new officers
are unlocked after all tutorials have been completed.
Zhuge Liang:
Play as Liu Bei when Zhuge Liang is an officer in the same city as Liu Bei.
Call a council with Zhuge Liang and Liu Bei included refer to him as
Kong Ming. Kong Ming is a second name that Zhuge Liang is mentioned by
in the actual book is based on the game. There seems to be referred
and in this way any time, except for Council meetings.
Search articles:
Searching for items is best done during the early periods of the game. Later
in the game, you probably already have been found by the other factions.
There really is no definite "pattern" in determining the eventual success of
search. What is certain, the political capacity of a general search
not affect the success of finding. General with surprisingly little political capacity
seem to be quite able to find items, and you may notice that some generals
are better at search than others.
Although not definitive, may be better to start the search after it has other
chores or military. Also, if you have lots of action points available
(over 200), sending all available general can achieve a result.
Dealing with bugs:
The PC version has minor bugs, usually having to do with the accident. Depending
the version you have, in my case, it tends to crash in certain cities NW.
Unfortunately, the accident that inhibits manually exit the game using the
Habitual or Alt + F4 Ctrl + Alt + Del.
However, you can go to windows without restarting the game. When the
accidents game, move the mouse around (yes, the mouse can still move), until
change the default icon RTK mouse to mouse icon Windows default, and press
ENTER several times. This should allow exit windows.
If the mouse icon does not change, try pressing CTRL + ALT + DEL and then see if
the mouse icon changes, and repeat the above.