Resident Evil 4

Resident Evil 4 is one of best action Horror games, Resident Evil 4 game have most fearless situations can you explored
Completion Bonus:
Complete the game to unlock the Separate Ways and Mercenaries --
mini-games, the professional difficulty setting, Raccoon City Leon
Police Department costume, Ashley's pop star costume, and Ada's black costume;
the Mathilda handgun and Infinite Rocket Launcher for purchase (for 1 million
Pesetas), and the tactical vest (60,000 pesetas), and an alternative title
Successfully complete the Separate Ways mini-game to unlock Ashley's knight
gangster costume dress and Leon. Ashley's suit of armor is bullet and damage
testing. She can not get hurt by something and is so heavy that it can not be
out. You do not have to worry about giving first aid sprays, herbs, or
Wins shooting trying to get it.
Alternate ending sequence:
Successfully complete Assignment Ada and watch the credits.
They will be in grayscale. However, if you select "Yes" when asked
"Watch the ending movie again?", To be reproduced in color on a
smaller frame. If you look once more when prompted, which will play
is full wide screen color. They will alternate each time you choose
to play the credits.
Game Trailers:
Remain idle at the title screen. Finally, two start playing trailers
and begin to cycle.
If you destroy all blue targets in the beginning you can get a free Punisher
2 cannons of the Merchant Navy before buying. This pistol hits two targets when
achieve, and five when you get exclusive. This makes it work well for crowd control.
Riot Gun one shot kills:
To do this, you must complete all the firepower, firing speed, reload speed and capacity
the weapon. When shooting a Ganado or a bright Los, a shot to kill.
Note: The same applies to the Chicago typewriter.
Killing birds:
Toss a flash grenade in the center of a group of birds. All were killed instantly,
leaving many pesetas. This also works with grenades, when their heads are
Defeating Gothic Illuminated:
When you are in the castle and the Gothic Enlightened by Fire, fire is best
on his knees. It will fall on them and allow you to use a suplex move instead of
a kick. Then, throw them over your head and smash his head on the floor.
Note: In mercenary mode, the same goes for the rest of the mercenaries.
The defeat of J.J. (warrior mini):
An easier way to kill JJ is to first hit him in the head with a weaker weapon. When
supports the head, attack it with a more powerful weapon. If he recovers quickly,
just use the same strategy. This also works at the military base during the Mercenaries
Watch out for crows. Sometimes drop valuable items and are usually found in groups.
To kill crows, shoot from afar. If you are close and there are other crows
close they will fly away. An easier way to kill a group of them is the launch of a flash
grenade into their midst and watch for falling objects.
Lava room:
In the area of the room is filled with lava, enemies will appear on the pillars with horses
that shoot fire at you. Instead of waiting for a clear opportunity to shoot the man on the pillar,
simply shoot the chain holding the pillar. If one breaks the chains, the
pillar of everything fall. This makes it easier to get through the room. If the queue of all
of the pillars to appear and shoot all down after shooting the last in not more
enemies will appear in the room, even those that fall from the ceiling.
Sewer: Black Bass recovery:
You can kill fish and use them as recovery items in the drainage area shortly after the
beginning of Chapter 1-2. It's a little after the place where they face the two enemies
throwing dynamite at you.
Eggs for Ashley:
There are three types of eggs, white, brown and gold. Collect these, equip, and
fire on Ashley. It will not hurt and it's fun. Aim from a distance to get used
to them. That are lighter than a grenade and fly far when thrown. Note: She duck when
Use egg to kick people:
Combine egg in front of a Ganado. They held his face that lets you get into a kick.
Note: Do not do this in a crowd or to be given.
Mine Thrower ammunition:
It is possible to find ammunition for the Mine thrower. Kill any normal enemy with the mine
To produce a dart launcher ammunition.
Extra scene:
When Leon was drowning, he said he has the same blood. Leave the room, and then
return. He choked back by the same person, only this time Ada comes to the rescue.
At the end of the game, as Leon and Ashley fall into the water on the speedboat, you can see
a rainbow for a few seconds.
Castle: Easy money:
Look behind every painting of Saddler to find 5,000 pesetas.
Church: Unlimited villagers:
When you arrive at the church, defeat everyone in the area. Then return to the church and the
shoot over the hood. The villagers arrive at a group of three to six Gonados. You can continue
this process as you see fit.
Church: Getting items:
After obtaining the key after being choked by Chief Mendez, gi to the church and kill everyone.
You can then shoot the bell above the church. You should hear "There! He is there!" and a group of
of Gonados must be in the cemetery. This process can be repeated five times or less, but
drop items in their inventory.
Separate Ways: Leon's jacket:
In mission 2, rescue of Louis. The second time you pass the village after interruption
sequence when Luis and Leon are carried away, blow most of the villagers with a
grenade. When you reach the exit to continue the mission you will see a villager and
other two. Kill them and check the first villager you saw. That will León
Hidden intermission sequence:
After defeating Del Lago (crocodile), after the sequence of rest, go back through the
lake where a boat has. Head of the track. A break sequence should start.
Leon will be surrounded by wolves. Note: You can also go back that way and fight El Gigante,
but must go all the way back to get the Badge of the church.
Hide the number of times killed ratio:
To avoid seeing a number of times killed, continue until a final chapter. When
instructions to save, cancel the saving process.
Leon struggles:
When you unlock and start a new game with the second pair of gangster costumes (Leon and
Ashley's armor), watch Leon as he tries to catch Ashley whenever you need to come down
From a raised platform or ladder. Fall on the floor on one knee as it comes
from the floor, grab his back in pain.
Saddler comment:
Listen closely when you kill the villagers. Some of them say "Lord Saddler" as
arrive just before he died. Note: This can only occur after the end of the game.
Career mode: Easy completion:
The best way to complete the game in a professional way is first to complete the Separate Ways
mini-game. You should unlock Special Costume 2, where Leon is a gangster and Ashley is in a
armor. The choice of this suit, the professional way easier. Ashley can not be
injured or carried away. Use for bait when needed. At least half the enemies will go
directly by it, giving it time to kill them and keep your distance from a crowd.
This also works well on El Gigante.
Hidden intermission sequence:
After defeating Del Lago (crocodile), after the sequence of rest, go back through the
lake where a boat has. Head of the track. A break sequence should start. Leon
be surrounded by wolves. Note: You can also go back that way and fight El Gigante, but
you should go all the way to get the Badge of the church.
Defeating the giant leech:
Attracting the leech back to the front of the pool then shot his gun in the gas
where you can unlock your boat. The can explodes, killing the giant leech.
kill Krauser with the knife he will die in about 2 knife attack every time he comes
to you that when mutated affected about 8 times and he does.
The defeat of the regenerator:
Use the following trick to defeat the enemy Regenerator and Iron Maiden. You do not need
A special area to kill them. Buy the Killer 7 Magnum and use it on them. After three or
four shots, they will go down. Record on the sheet until there is a hole. Then shoot
his head. After that, the body will explode then the legs are dropped and 5000
Defeating Iron Maidens:
After the part where you rescue Ashley on the island, there will be a part that should
skip to the garbage pile. After the jumping sequence, you will realize that Ashley is
sitting in one of Iron Maiden. There is a way of escaping it. Quickly run to the door and
open it. Shoot the Iron Maiden to make it back, then quickly on the other side of the
the door and locks. Iron Maiden can not use a switch, so you can not. You can get
disposal. The other is a few feet away. Beyond the second door will be a dumpster that
you have to push. Push it, and wait a few seconds. The second Iron Maiden
and participation. Just kill as you would with a normal one. However, if you are not
fast, use the square path that is there to get the parasite on his back.
Nests of birds:
If you are low on ammunition, find a tree and check for a bird's nest. Most bird nests
have ammunition but some treasures or Green Herbs.
Weapon upgrades:
When buying upgrades for your gun, always see your gun information beforehand. To
example, if the weapon has a gunpower of 10.8 and see that the update is read
lvl 2 -> 10.5, which are basically losing out and wasting money.
Mercenaries Mini Game:
The main monsters to look are the two chainsaw ladies on stage 1. Once you kill
They keep coming back. In scenario 2 and 3, be careful of boys with guns in the chain.
At stage 4, there is a super chainsaw man. He is bigger than normal and has a
double-edged saw. It is almost impossible to stop. Do not climb stairs. Salta
where it needs to be. He will run to you, swinging the saw. Do not run behind him.
Turn and jump, if you can, or climb something quickly. If you really want to get
with him, try using Jack Krauser's transformation, and the right to aspire to it. If you forget,
you're dead.
Easy battle Fanatic:
Go into the room just before the Gallery in the castle. When you have to defeat the platoon
of the Zealots and the Red Cow-Fan head hard on the gun hidden in the center of the room,
There is a way of bypassing the gun together. When you are chasing the Red Cow-headstrong
Fanatic around the room, if you have the Broken Butterfly with upgraded firepower (over 27)
he runs down the stairs to the lower floor, move quickly enough to view the midway
down. Pull out your Magnum and shoot him. It will fall to the ground. Shoot two or three
more times (depending on how powerful your Magnum is). This effectively will kill, and he
reduce the number of photos. No dodging machine gun will be necessary, and save a lot of
The Perfect Score:
If you're trying to get a "Perfect" 100% success rate, then you should consider the following.
Be absolutely sure you are white. Do not shoot from a distance unless
pointing his rifle. Furthermore, doing nothing "subquests" or go to some treasure or Spinels
requiring demolish (eg blue medallion search the Pocket Brass
View, etc.) If you forget, count against you. Also, as soon as an enemy makes a "growl"
sound, indicating they are dead. Do not be trigger happy, as this will reduce your success
Percentage Rate. Do not use the Chicago Typewriter for this search. Shoot too quickly. You
must be very careful to fire a single shot for most of the enemies start to get to
the castle, where two shots with the Chicago Typewriter will kill almost anything.
Separate Ways: Ada's level 2 (Rescue Luis): Leon's jacket:
At this level you will see a more youthful villager. This village has a tan
leather jacket. After killing this enemy will have the option to check. Once verified,
will say "This looks like Leon's jacket. Recall that in Chapter 1-1 to 1-2 when Leon and
Luis is captured, the jacket is missing from this moment on.
In mission 2, rescue of Louis. The second time you pass the village after the break sequence
when Luis and Leon are carried away, blow most of the villagers with a grenade. When
reach the exit to continue the mission you will see a villager and two others. Kill them and
check the first villager you saw. It will use Leon's jacket.
Easy kills:
A good tactical combat radius around the strike is a weapon-less enemy before he grabs you with
knife or a gun to his head. Then, as encountered in close and press [Kick]. If
the enemy is weakened enough, it will smash his head. If not, you overthrow it,
allowing you to shoot while on the ground.
If the enemy is far away, but not too far, shoot him in the head and run towards him as
encountered. If he recovers, stop and shoot him in the head again. Continue doing this until
are close enough "kick" down.
If you are close enough and not to waste ammunition, use the knife. Enough in high definition
if you want to kick the head, and thus be able to "kick" to them. It's harder to hit a beaten
down enemy with the knife, since you will have set their goal too low. However, you have
the immobilized and are free to shoot. With the objective of the head, while the enemy is on the floor
will make things easy.
The defeat of salazard with two hits:
I did it UNER normal mode, you need some weapons to apply this trick lunch from rockets and any
powerful weapon to another (eg mine thrower) the first goal in his eye with his main weapon ugly
there shot his show-kidding-now Megazord lunch equipe rocket
athim goal before hide again and let have it, now the grand final.
The Illuminated Pendant and Spinels:
After leaving the sewers and on the second floor of the room with the first shooting
wide, go to the spider first, but not jump. Instead, throw a hand grenade at the group
monks fan (in black). There will also be a fan of the head in a red suit and a hat.
He is the pendant with the Illuminati. After throwing the hand grenade, wait about
two seconds and throw a flash grenade, then immediately jumps down. If the fan is still head
alive, kill first and then kill any remaining fans. You will receive an enlightened the
Pendant of the head and a fan of all fans Spinel normal.
Well Polly biscuits:
Whenever I see a crow sitting on a tree or on the floor, trying to shoot. If you hit
they leave behind several goodies, about 80% of the time they leave behind Spinel diamonds,
and are good for trade once the merchant is, and I did get 9mm bullets
Pants down!:
When you fight El Gigante "Giant Ogres" as you say, you are able to put his
pants a little. When carrying a plague that leaves the back, instead of jumping
on him from the front, jumping on him from behind. When Leon jumps in the giant steps
shorts and you will see that down a bit.
Ashley's Panties:
Upon reaching the cockpit of the gondola down the first flight of stairs on the cliff of
edge. It's where you go up the stairs and on top is the yellow chest catseye
(you should have a sniper rifle to the next part so you can zoom). Lowering the
ladder, you have to catch Ashley and then she can get. Do not take it yet. Stay
in the background. When you look up, covering the legs and go "pervert!" What you have
to do and get the sniper rifle. A backup just a little Ashley. Look up and zoom
with the rifle. You will see Ashley's white panties with a little tape on it.
Infinite Health:
When his health has declined and is about to die in one blow that you can just run in
a bear trap and you do not die. Keep trying, is not going to die ... unless you get attcked
or destroyed.
To kill the giant (the gaint monster):
Here is a great track to kill El Gigante (the big gaint). Do not waste your precious Ammos
him, right before facing him directly to buy a rocket launcher from a merchant who
there savings in point (near the typewriter). When you engage with him only for the purpose of it
a rocket launcher and shoot him with that, he will be killed in one strike.
During playback of the chapter (1 to 3) You will find a puzzle on the back of the church. The main
object of this puzzle is to rotate the pedestal in the light of up to three of symbols.I have
found a solution to this puzzle here is the solution given below:
First step = 3,4,4,3,4,4,4,3
Step = 4,4,3,3,4,3,3,3,4
Darts of Mines:
The creators of Resident Evil 4 suppresses a special type of ammunition that was hidden
in the game so that players could not find. To find it, let the cut so as not --
through the trainers. Now head of the cabin right before the pier at the lake with the
boat to be addressed to take the fight to Del Lago. Enter the hut, then view the
right. Head clip and not through the hut, then the wall. Look to the right - you
see the ammunition and herbs for health, along with ammunition Mine Thrower. The thing is, then
you choose these, I say "Pick Mine Darts (positioning)?". The staff was removed MT
Homing ammunition for some reason.