Prince of Persia 2 - Warrior Within

Update pedestals life:
1: The first upgrade pedestal is right after hitting Shahdee. Up the stairs and
will see a great altar. Pull it back to open a secret door behind him. Follow
launch avoid traps to get the first update of life.
2 (Past): The second upgrade pedestal is in the area where the first fight Crow
Master. Make your way to the area of the staircase. You'll see a small metal grate.
At the bottom of the shops on the left are some barrels and a switch. Press
switch, slow time and make your way to the grate, roll under it. Avoiding passing
traps for the second update of their lives.
3: When you reach the central hall after obtaining the serpent sword turn the turnstile
lever so that it faces the doorway with the save point fountain. Contrary to the contrary
foreword and a door on the right foot, you see an edge. Down the back wall and jumping
and come to make their way slowly down. Once down, falls below the cornice
wall run and jump to the end and jump side to side to make his way. Wall run
again and the end wall jump from side to side to make their way to a ledge. Do
its way through the door and avoid the pitfalls of the third upgrade pedestal.
4: When in the Mechanical tower that eventually reach a Thrall who is throwing peak
beasts. Get him to blow up the left wall (the left facing the Thrall) Walk throw
and avoid traps to get the fourth upgrade pedestal
5: When you reach the garden where you can see all the amazing scene that his
to where you fight Silhouettes and Keepers. Walk to the left to find a ledge where
the fence does not continue, drop down, move, and run down the wall so that their way of
the door through the gap. Walk, make your way through avoiding traps to fifth
upgrade pedestal.
6: Once you turn on the water in Garden works via turnstile, wall run up the wall behind him,
to stand in his way through the pitfalls to avoid the sixth upgrade pedestal.
7: In the area of the prison after the expiration of Thrall and make your way. Make your way to the end of
the left and break a wall, you'll see a door. Head to the right halfway and pull
you'll see another cracked wall. He came to break the step slower than his time and method
the first wall that broke head throw and to avoid the pitfalls of the sevenths life upgrade
8: Inside the library when it is the way to the catwalks underneath. You see a broken
door, which is throwing your way and reach the gate. You need to move to the other and
instead of heading to the ledge to the left, head to the other door (which is still
intact) Jump to the ledge and make your way to the right, jump, and go through
find your way to the eight life upgrade pedestal.
9: The ninth pedestal is located in the room in which you persecute Shahdee and she closes
door behind her. You must make your way to jump onto a bar to open the door,
as you make your way you'll see a cracked grating. Come back here when you are
scorpion sword and break the grate to reveal a box. Bring the box to the left wall,
jump on it, running up the wall and jump to reach a ledge above. Follow the area to pull
how to improve their ninth pedestal.
With all pedestals found you will get the Water sword which is in the room before
the throne room. It is in the center. The Water Sword gives you an alternate ending as
is the only weapon capable of defeating Dahak.
Sword of Light:
The light sword is the most powerful secondary weapon in the game. When in the mystic caves
reach a door that you must unlock via switch. Immediately after that door there is a
fall on the floor. And break down the wall and break the rack to collect the light
sword. As with all secondary weapons it is unbreakable, but if you lose the opportunity to
good. The light sword has maximum damage and maximum attack rate.
Secret Ending:
To get the secret ending simply obtain all 9 life upgrades, when you get to the room before
Empress' throne room there will be a new sword waiting for you. Is the water sword
and said that the only thing that can kill Dahak. For your final battle, instead of
empress fighting that fight Dahak.
The Dahak attacks are repetitive and predictable. When far away to be shot its tendrils
throw the ground up at you, run in circles around him to avoid making the road increasingly
him. If you get too close to him shoot his tendrils directly at you, roll to dodge them.
As you roll slow down time and go in for some heavy combo hitting, as he lowest
Empress of health will help him shoot out of the sand, you are stuck on the ledge,
Stockpiles of sand deposits (which on the regeneration of the arena) and slow down time or use havoc
of time to inflict maximum damage. Eventually going to jump again, and constantly
Roll until it calms down and remains stationary. Repeat the same method as before until
is defeated.
Hockey Stick:
After gaining the Scorpion sword find your way back to the central chamber. Turn the turnstile
so that the lever is facing the door with the save point fountain. Compared to the other
door and climb a little to the right. You will find an edge that is a step below the
the area around it. Walk down and grab him. Jump to another ledge and jump back and
forward slowly making its way down. Once in the dropdown menu below the ledge below it.
Wall to the next wall and get ready to jump back and forth and make their way.
Wall run again and when you reach the wall jump to slow your descent once more, you
finally grab a ledge. Make your way to the door next to him, but not in IR.
Instead of moving forward on the rocks until you see the area where sand is falling. With the scorpion
sword in hand to break the wall. Break the rack of weapons and pick up the hockey stick.
As with all special weapons the hockey stick is unbreakable, but if you throw it you lose it
forever. It has moderate damage and a relatively slow attack rate.
Teddy Bear:
One of several secondary weapons is the teddy bear. After you locate the
Scorpion Sword in the clock (west) tower. There are three encounters with a giant golem enemy
The clock tower in the beginning when they go through it first, before you start negotiating
vertical climbing of the tower (past), the second is the top of the clock tower (past), the
third is stationary and throws exploding monsters in the clock tower of the second area (past).
Look for the room where the second is the great enemy golem. You will have to be in this
(to find a time portal) and drop in water-filled dead end past the golem's room. Break
the wall and retrieve the teddy bear.
The teddy bear is almost unbreakable and does almost no damage, but has the ability to restore
killed Prince with each successful blow on an enemy.