Peasant's Quest

Peasant's Quest Cheat Codes:
Type anything with the word 'cheat' in it. The trick is
Super Trinket:
For berries, go to the jungle and type "get berries." Type in
the four bushes and get a Super Trinket.
Baby lady liar:
When the riches he says, "Thank you, sucker!", Push
the baby in his hands, and flees with wealth. However,
you still have to give the wealth if you have any hope
Trogdor was reached.
Jhonka wealth:
After falling in the mud, jump on the bale of hay and
wealth. The Jhonka will ask if you took his wealth, say no.
Note: you must walk directly to the Jhonka home as fast as
possible or a breeze will blow away any of you, and not
be able to get wealth.