Pearl Harbor - Zero Hour


Pearl Harbor - Zero Hour Cheat Codes:
Unlock Extras:
At the mission selection screen, click on the little black shadow
that looks like a plane on the right side of the screen to unlock
3 special aircraft and special level 1.
Secret plans:
Click on the small plane out a little over half way down
on the right side of the mission you Screen.This Select all
secret aircraft ... including the Raptor, Flying Saucer
Extra points:
6 go on a mission near the top of B3 and you will see an island. Destroy
the tree on the island and tells Bill Mooney favorite enemy
tree destroyed 500 points!
At level 3 is the same height as the Japanese
Airplanes. How can you tell if your height is the same for the arrow!
if the arrows are green at the same height as your aircraft! if
the arrows are red and go down until the arrow is
green. If the red arrow and go up until the arrow
are green.
Hidden bonuses:
Click on the plane of shadow in the right part of the mission selection
screen to unlock the next level and three additional aircraft including
Raptor and the UFO. Note: The plane does not appear to shade
Level 10 is complete. In almost all levels individual special
Standing palms. Shoot the trees to get the skill level 500
points. A message "Enemy 's Favorite Tree, 500" is
Note: Most of the levels of one of the most special of which individually
Standing palms.
UFO attack:
Use the drop of the UFO to the U.S. in some buildings. Become distorted
and get points as if he were the enemy.
Unlockable: Three Planes and Bonus Mission:
After completing the level ten, go to the selection of the mission, we hope that
the right of the screen, and a small plane. Click on it
and there will be a sound to confirm code. Now you have access to
three new aircraft, including the UFO, the F-22 Raptor, and Kikko,
Japenese aircraft. You can also unlock mission 11 bonus