Pajama Sam In Don't Fear the Dark

Pajama Sam In Don't Fear the Dark
Alternate ending sequence:

Collect socks see a twenty for the alternate ending sequence.
Go to the tree house. Go talk through the door, and then click
under the door of Sam. A lady will come and kiss him on the cheek.
The lack of synchronization of audio and video:
You will notice that the audio and video are not synchronized in
following points during the game.
* When Sam is running away from "gold" in front of mine, yells
"WHOOOAAAAA," But your mouth is closed.
* The keys to turn on the organ and keys that are playing
not match the sounds coming out.
Revealing mistakes:
The following errors may reveal to be seen.

* When the lights are off in the lantern room is very dark in spite of
All lava.
* The wooden supports of the track at the junction of lava, and are very strong.
The following errors in the continuity of the game can be seen.
* When Sam gets into the surrounding mines, lava rocks in the
become less.
* When Sam King of the lifts with winch, the hook is released. We see
any person under the age of return to land but in the next scene is down
in soil.
* When you enter and exit the music room, Sam closes the door. However, once
inside the room, Sam is on the door again, and leaving the door
remains open.
* Upon entering the dark house, the pulley remains stationary. Even if
do not go anywhere else, only the lift is in the soil and
basket is in the air, like it was before Sam was, and pulley
not moved.
* When in the garden, the well decreases the rotating wheel hub. However
When Sam is closer, which only drop in the bucket, unless Sam goes down.
* The mine car to go dark 'and the underground cave house with large
chin, looking nothing like King.
* When Otto, the track is visible anywhere near the tank, and no
mine cart track near the bucket. However, in the mines see the cube, and
Not only is the king goes in the wrong direction, but the cube does not move,
when it should be.
* When Sam enters the room for magic, not only opens the door twice, but
when we see the inside of the door is open to snap close.
Factual errors:
The following errors of fact can be seen.
* King's rusty wheels, but no water in the mine.
* The body is a pipe organ, but when he hears a song that does not sound like a
body at all. This occurs in at least two songs.
* The organ in the music room has no black keys, but this is the first song in B
flat, and there are two black keys used there. Mostly related to the piano, instrument,
keys down, not up.
* The "trombone" in the music room does not sound like a trombone at all. It
is a flute or trumpet, or anything else.