Pacland Cheat:
Life Unlimited:
Type "Avalon" in the title screen. The display will flash
to confirm correct code entry.
Level 1
Run to the third fire hydrant, and once there, the jump
on it and push it left. This will give a blue
hat that makes you invulnerable to the little ghosts that
fall of aircraft.
Level 2
Run a third of the cactus, and push to the left. Now
be invulnerable to all levels!
Level 3
After getting his magic boots, pushing the third in the cactus
way back to a free life.
- Go on the roof of the car to escape the ghost
- Only use powerpills when the ghosts are in range, or is
in vain.
- When you reach the sign Breaktimer when you jump around 1
inches away from a bond (which is as high as the
level of Finnish).