Newgrounds Rumble Flash Game


Newgrounds Rumble Flash Game Tips and cheat code:
Challenge 1: It is 3 to 1, against a giant Piconjo. Do the math.
Challenge 2: Wow, I think I got lucky with my article. Use teleport
and avoid making your priorty flanked in obtaining
powerups. Can be a bit difficult.
Challenge 3: Your degenerating into life. This is quite easy OLT only
Some of these spam attacks. Get it.
Challenge 4: Every person has the status of attack on. Could pose some difficulties
Nene and its range here sucks. Once one of
by its enemies rather THO.
Challenge 5: Very easy. If only 10 seconds. Get the opponent
under the metal and its compact little more.
Challenge 6: Keep using the jump attack and you do not juggle.
Challenge 7: This a joke. Same strategy as the past, not even.
Continue pressing the buttons.
Challenge 8: To me, the copy is frozen after a while. Abuse elements.
Challenge 9: Once one of the most difficult time. Avoid missiles and Salad Fingers.
Challenge 10: Salad fingers has the strongest attacks in the game, use them.
Challenge 11: It's all free and easy.
Challenge 12: Yes, it is not difficult at all. Spam attacks.
Cheat Codes:
This only works if you are in front. Find skein as source
click the center of his glasses so you can play as hanchmen.
Note: henchmen are very easy to kill so be careful!