MechQuest Tips Game


MechQuest Tips Game:
Become at least in the range of 27 and 8 pd Triceratops muesem oil at home and be in a
Art. homebuyers mechanisms any level (works best with level 6 mecca). buy the burning thorn
and go to the police station and the fight Mega Lupus you win 80% of the time depending on the mechanisms.
100exp you 500 credits and 50 times that do already have the money for the return mechanism
if you bought the level 6, 200 times, if you bought the level 12
telportation (in college):
when you're in college if you are on floor 2 + go to the elevator and pressed again not
other things to return to the lobbey in 0.05 seconds (estimated) is useless, but faster
Exp and money easily go to Pandora laberinth (home of the missions in any house ARTS)
fight things until you die or eject (use heal to prevent death and loss of energy)
once you kill everything that may be restarted at the beginning of the mission
with full exp. and money since the last time and everything being regenerated so that you can do it again
and if you beat everything in the mission because they expect Mino-Ton (boss at end of mission)
will "reawake" and do more money.the its highest level, the more things that kill and
more time to stay in get.I need more money 100grand on two levels!

for the best exp and money to search the house of the wolf - 10000 exp and 20000 credits

if u get killed in labrinthy thing w / e to get money and expenses to arrive at minor
t let him kill you keep doing this is 2 thousand times that you 8grand

Go to the hospital and get a job atopsys then keep doing what it should be easy if you do
perfect shouldent be hard to get 500 credits and 100exp

when u start the game
Smokey buy flamer
and N-OOB missile x4.
NOT get off the ship.
keep fighting until u level
and get great deal of credit.
(I'm lvl 6 and have 30000 creditsand I'm still in the boat) BATTLEON

His first boat in the hope that this: This is a failure; Back to Mech
Girl in the shop and talk to her. Press back. Now click your character so the veiw
that appears. Opff get it. You should now be near the battle, Equip,
Repair of the things in a walkway.
Note: I am not sure if it works at all, I only had once in my own
but still, ENJOY! :-)

(for lvl 10 -14 and 20 in the range Pizzi place) is the tip of a no good for PPL
buget is getting a luxury Roni only 29,000 of its mechanisms and get a good list
if u can lava blaster, protron rifle, sling missile, plasma plus. is a great combo
if u find out how to use them in the correct order

For a gladius star without being a star captian is to keep the boot mechanism.
then the star striker head. then buy a broomstick and used machinery gattling gun.
u noob then buy missile 2 (recommended 4). if u want to battle me I'm a 14-level mechanisms.
my name is Jeff.

Anti punchy::, click the drill many times in the bag spectrum spectrum
Shop Ghost Hunting

work in the hospital and get the range or when doctors can use standard
(even better) and then do this for a couple gettin% for promotion:
1.remove all their clothes (no arrangements)
2. go to uniforms in the hospital
3.wear doctor hat
4 wear doctor uniform while
you can not see the hat, but if u roll for the promotion will have 10 or more uniform and
4 more to order a hat or more 14

well that is in the unversity go to the door of the unviresity go to the web.
fight the mega spider it gave me 2900credits and 320exp for batteling 10 times BATTEL ON

4 runehawk wen u do the missions instead of going up the table to go to a surare
U will see the box at the bottom of the square cotner to get hit and no sweat 400cr

To get easy money, download SpooksMq or SinnedMq. Once downloaded, open it and
fight the giant spider (in college). Use the success KO a trap and then
cost savings credit or tricks. Click the save exp / credit cheat many times and more
My mechquest id is 27097 name is nooby (im actually lvl 20)

If you want to join a lot of money on a house arts college after addressing the mission and
many of the mechanisms and if you die do so again and again and the facility is the largest of the
box at the end (and CAD), even if you die the money is still there.

Well if you have the space rebel uniform then if you click the black point in the hull
then lower the visor of the helmet, it's pretty coll huh? Anyway, my player id is
308240 I've entered some cheats / tips. if you need any help my e-mail is'm lvl 18 and a founder / star captain.
He, for the most part, finished every search. If you have any questions you may
Most likely answer them. I'm at home wolfblade.

Ultimate Combo for lvl: 8 +
Airgun first purchase Store Special Items: 2500 Credz
Underhandgun store specials: 2500 Credz
Slingmissile of mechs TEKS: 1050 Credz
Missilemouth of arms wolfblade Store: 6500 Credz

It costs a little, but his latest combo if you get the right order! ENJOY! :-)

If you have the suit sdf Reble rudder and the soldier that demand for energy with its
wount combat drop from 101 ps when i test it wount die no.16

to defeat ghosts easily, just to keep blasting weaps (best weapons u can get)
to catch them, a ghost trap u must attain at least 1ce unless ur perfect Usin
ghost trap using the trap as a weapon

to make much money on the maze to get a level 15 and keep fighting mechs and
dying with your uniform and when I get back in the maze that is still
have the same costs and credits and I have about 6000 credits in one fun.

walking on the wall
go to Blade and spork.there are two to one rooms.go boxes and click the wall.
Do NOT click above boxes

Go to the wepon shop for you as a person in the game and buy a sword of his choise.
Now go to the UNY and go to Energy Blade 101 and go to the man standing there, click
and click on it in class without having to choose a wepon and if you have the wepon that
just bourt ecuiped, you will use.

Go to the store and buy lavablaster girlfriend because he is so strong

lolz first wolfblade mechanism (better ways) then get lava blaster, proton rifle,
sling blaster, lesser bazooka and missile mouth and u own evry1 lolz

level1-3 ask to drive the ship worsh your exp will go like this 75/80.

if you join a house, then keep doing the labyrinth ove and over. every time you receive
the tresure, you get more than 600.

hey this is the greatest track EVUR if u want to get a lot of cash. West leads to s
speak to the type of horse and a mission. Winning at least 2 fights and u get back
20,000 credits

i dinosuarmech the robot in muesum. when I made the mission in wolfblade, Miño tons
has320life.when or beaten, or get124ex and 1200cr.everybody also has245life.

go to mysterious j. and click on the monkey barrel. should be the fight against the monkey.
then click on the mirror. then press run. Considering that there will still be a bar of life
on one side and evil on his side. do this again with the punch bag. must not
two on the bad guys side now! These bars of life should remain with you for the rest of the
game! If you refresh the page they will come. PS: mega GLITCHES!

Twang beating can be difficult, but thats better Heres a tip to keep attacking the EhlertErik
usually grows red use defend coz if u Usin maintaining strong attack and youll only
defense of 1 or 2 times (OMFG) hope i helped.

Extremly FAST 'N' easy money :
go to the hospital (right then right) talk to the nurse to then click rank32 great WR
end to end or get 1280cred.