Max Payne 2 - The Fall of Max Payne Cheat Codes


Max Payne 2 - The Fall of Max Payne Cheat Codes:
Start the game with maxpayne2.exe-developer, then press ~ to open the
console. To do this you right click on your shortcut (which is usually
on the desktop) and add-developer after the target line, this is a
_example_: "C: / Games / 2/MaxPayne2.exe Max Payne," developer. Then
should not be any problem with the console during the game.
Code Result
clear - Clear console screen
clr - Clear console screen
coder - God mode, all weapons, health, ammo inifinite
god - God Mode
mortal - disable god mode
getallweapons - Get all weapons
quit - quit game
showfps - Show fps rate
showextendedfps - Show extended fps rate
getberetta - Get beretta with 1000 ammunition
getbullettime - Put player bullettime
getcoltcommando - Get ammunition coltcommando 1000
getdeserteagle - Get Desert Eagle ammunition to 1000
getdragunov - Get ammunition Drogunov 1000
getgraphicsnovelpart1 - Fill in part of the story
getgraphicsnovelpart2 - Fill in part of the story
getgraphicsnovelpart3 - Fill in part of the story
gethealth - Get 1000 health
getingram - Get Ingram with 1000 ammunition
getkalashnikov - Get Kalashnikov with 1000 ammunition
getmolotov - Get Molotov cocktail with 1000 ammunition
getmp5 - Get MP5 with 1000 ammunition
getpainkillers - Get 1000 painkillers
getpumpshotgun - Get ammunition pumpshotgun 1000
getsawedshotgun - Get sawed-off shotgun with 1000 ammo
getsniper - Get sniper gun with 1000 ammo
getstriker - Get striker gun with 1000 ammunition
jump10 - Jump 10 high
jump20 - Jump 20 high
jump30 - Jump 30 high
showhud - Turn on HUD
help - Much more debug commands
Cheat mode:
This is the easiest way to fool your desktop activatng tere must be a
shortcut of Max Payne 2 (right), click the shortcut and click Properties.
In the (target) text box will bee the goal of direct access.
For example "C: \ Program Files \ Max Payne 2.exe".
Exe promoter after writing, eg
"C: \ Program Files \ Max Payne 2.exe (space)-developer". Then click (OK).

After doing this, start the game, select any level you start want.After
Press (~). In the lower left corner appears a sign that looks like
this (>). any tricks that appear want.Some letters but
problem.Just not hold (~) until it disappears.

(If you have any problems E-MAIL ME AT MY E-MAIL AND I WILL
Overview) E-mail:

Naked Mona:
Start the game with command line parameter developerkeys. Start the game,
then press [Page Up] or [Page Down] to scroll to get to a model
one of Mona Sax, as they appeared when in the shower.
Special ending:
Successfully complete the game mode corpse.
Completion bonuses:
Complete the game under the "Detective" difficulty to unlock the Hard Boiled,
New York Minute, and Dead Man Walking modes. Complete the game under the "hard"
difficulty mode to unlock the corpse.
Part 1, Chapter 6: Kung Fu poster:
Go through the fun house until you reach Mona hideout. Once inside, look
Mona around the gym and should find a poster of the famous model Max Payne "Kung
Fu "by Kenneth Yeung.
Apartment in memory:
In the level where you have to find a member of the inner circle in a fantasy
apartment complex, go to the part where two cleaners are outside the window of the
lift. Kill them and jump from ledge to ledge until you reach the bottom.
Runs along the edge of the building until you hear a shotgun blast from inside
and see someone flying through a window. Kill the cleaner in his apartment, but
No buildings in. Continue along the bank of a little more time and see
an open window. Inside is a monument to someone.
Playing the piano with the corpse on top of it. Max will attempt to play his theme
How to play like 20 + characters:
Start the game with maxpayne2.exe-developerkeys, then press ~ to open the console.
To do this you right click on your shortcut (which is usually on the desktop) and
developerkeys-added after the target line, this is a _example_:
"C: / Games / 2/MaxPayne2.exe Max Payne" developerkeys
Then there should be no problems of education of the console during the game.
Press Page Up / Page Down key when you're playing and you turn around
to keep the character in the game using the scroll up or down and you Page
You can also find the famous nude Mona. Enjoy.
Secret Memorial:
In Part 1, Chapter 7, there is a secret room outside the building. In
ments below, you'll see a pipe blocking in front of a section of the ledge that leads
away from an open window. Follow this ledge (jumping over the pipe) around the
secret room. This room contains a memorial to a fallen developer.