Mario Forever 4.0 Tips and Cheat


Mario Forever 4.0 Tips and Cheat.
At the start of a level or return to 3cm and press down, if it doesn't
keep moving aroung work area, pressing down.

pressing q before going to one of the three tubes are used to
lost map, sprint and jump to the left of the pipe or the right and
Two new worls. also if you go farther to the right to special
hide something and you will find a list of tank level, have fun and i lose half Oops
Cheat Codes:
Note: This procedure involves editing a game file create a backup file
before proceeding. Use a text editor to edit the "mafosav" in the file
"Buziol gamesmario always" folder. Change all the lines indicated in
file for the world to play.
World 2
chlebent1 = 0
ata1save1 = 637
ata2save1 = 1236
ata3save1 = 12824
stringlev1 = 2
World 3
chlebent1 = 0
ata1save1 = 728
ata2save1 = 1301
ata3save1 = 14423
stringlev1 = 3
World 4
chlebent1 = 0
ata1save1 = 805
ata2save1 = 1356
ata3save1 = 15776
stringlev1 = 4
World 5
chlebent1 = 0
ata1save1 = 875
ata2save1 = 1406
ata3save1 = 17006
stringlev1 = 5
chlebent1 = 0
ata1save1 = 924
ata2save1 = 1441
ata3save1 = 17867
stringlev1 = 6
World 7
chlebent1 = 0
ata1save1 = 994
ata2save1 = 1491
ata3save1 = 19097
stringlev1 = 7
World 8
chlebent1 = 0
ata1save1 = 1071
ata2save1 = 1546
ata3save1 = 20450
stringlev1 = 8
hello, I found some tips that can work whenever Mario 4.0
i) the keys to jump as S and as a fire, then when in game or mario minix
Turtles can get closed if you press A (jump). Be careful who you kill
if they are in shape.
ii) In the world 2-1, the level of which you can see many good and
a turtle, hitting and pushing, if the turtle is still good beating, which
get a 1up, you must beat all and again be careful!

this is not a suggestion, but a good secret or open the folder where the game will have a
file 'and will open mafosav writing:
secret31 = 1
secret81 = 1
after secret31 = 1 u should secret41 type = 1 then save it.
then if u open the game do not run any pipe just press "Q" and then goes to the
Map of the world then lost or go to the front, and then u will see that the second sentence
would write 'step to world 4-1 "and opposite" Yes "then you can start or
the game.
When you go to the tubes 3, passing any, go pick up a goodie factory human
Go to the loss of route, go to the next and jump through the screen. Get in the car.
I may warn you: THIS IS VERY HARD.I can not beat at all. (WORKS IN version 4.0)
To get around 50 lives in World 8:
The first thing to do is start a new game. The World 1-1 and push back down.
Get all the 1up mushroom. Go to the World World 2. The world through 2-1
APK level Level. (A tube in the air) Get the point raised brick and Lui
there. Do not go to 3-1 and at the point where there are 2 tubes, smaller than the left
right. If you're on the right once and push between the right and 8 in the world.

Why are not the latest cheats always about Mario?
Some track:
Installing wrote in there that you can not change any part of the game and
can not write any code, but this is not true! If you open "mafosav.INI" or "forevermopt.INI"
then you can write, you see the error message, but if you open "Notepad.exe" and there
Select File-> Open and select "mafosav.INI" or "forevermopt.INI" and then you see the code
and can write and save this information too! :)
Now, my new code that I played in my Mafosav::)
secretlostmap = 1
ata1save9433 = 30292
ata2save9433 = 35306
ata3save9433 = 34757
ata4save9433 = 13117
ata5save9433 = 40179
ata6save9433 = 24597
stringlev9433 = 3
chlebent9433 = 7777
vv9433 = 2825630 (Lost Map Accomplished!)
secretdevastator = 1 (Passage to the World: The Koopa Devastor!)
secretbobowser = 1 (Koopa Devastor defeat!)
secretgoomba = 1 (Passage to World: Goombas Party!)
secretgoombaco = 1 (Part Goombas Accomplished!)
secret31 = 1 (Passage to World: 3-1)
secrethuman = 1 (Laboratory Human WorkDir completed!)
secretanks = 1 (Humor Tanks completed!)
secretend = 1 (Finished game!)
secretgreen = 1 (Passage to World: 1-1 and Great muchrooms a lot of that gets a life!)
kluzkedd = 1 (do not know the code to add this effect, but also because it was in the file too!)
secrethardcore = 1 (Passage to Hardcore World: 1-1)
secret81 = 1 (Passage to World: 8-1)
secret41 = 1 (Passage to World: 4-1)
These codes together means that all is done without the step-level 2-1 serious
hardcore and complete the levels?
"1" means "yes"!
In the menu press Q to save 1 that enters the pipes when the game starts when you kill yourself
the game screen appears press the key on the right hand that moves it out
World 1 level 3.
At the start of the three pipes.go not to the left and found a level
mario called Minix.
Hello! I luv to play and i play mario all the time. so I've found some very good 's one: When you are in the world 3 level 1 in the land where u get the 1st goodie
(mushroom or red bullets flower) also get a jump on spring at the end
land.keep jump on it and press left key. 1ups get 2!