Lego Island Xtreme Stunts


Lego Island Xtreme Stunts Cheat Codes:
Press [Up] [Down] [Up] [Up] [Jump] [Pizza] [Jump] [Jump] [Down] [Up] [Down]
[Up] [Pizza] [Jump] [Pizza] [Pizza] [Up] [Down] [Up] [Up] [Jump] [Pizza]
[Jump] [Jump] [Down] [Up] [Down] [Down] [Pizza] [Jump] [Pizza] [Pizza]
during the game to enable cheat mode. The stars that explode over pepperoni
to confirm correct code entry. The following codes can be activated.
Level skip:
Press [Up] [Down] [Up] [Up] [Jump] [Pizza] [Jump] [Jump] [left] [right]
[Left] [left] [Jump] [Pizza] [Jump] [Jump] during the game.
All mini-games:
Press [Up] [Down] [Up] [Up] [Jump] [Pizza] [Jump] [Jump] [Down] [Up]
[Down] [Down] [right] [left] [right] [right] for the game.
The Freeway Frenzy, Motorbike Mayhem, Wave Catcher, Air Chase, and Ripcord
Rescue mini-games are unlocked.
Display cheat menu:
Press [Up] [Down] [Up] [Up] [left] [right] [left] [Left] [Down] [Up]
[Down] [Down] [right] [left] [right] [right] for the game.
Unlockable Brickmal Final:
Brickmal collect all the hearts. A message should appear. Back to
construction site with a helecoptor, and do it! Got the Pheonix!
50 bricks!
Pepper ago Yoga:
Go to the radio station (LEGO building that said in red) and
DJ will be doing yoga primarily with Dr. Clickit. Go near them and Pepper
begin to do yoga with them!