Kitten Cannon PC Game


Kitten Cannon Game Tricks:
* Put the barrel in 21.5 and use full power.
* Use the arrow keys on your computer to move the gun and
and spacebar to shoot NOTICE red when moving the slider
is fully to the right space and a little concerned that B4
the kitten will be much faster.
* Put it to 10.0 then press the spacebar when the green bar is in full
then press speace explosion. although the usual noob go very high, but
going super fast on the ground as a podracer of starwars ep: 1.
but doesn't go well until they slide on the floor of 1,200 km / h
and found a stack of TNT and bounce up into the sky and then
up to speeds of 1567 km / h, and sit and watch it throw them.