Endless war 3 Game Tips


Endless war 3 Game Tips
Let them come to you:
If you go out in battle-torn to shreds by both your enemies
and friends. Assume their opponents one by one if possible.
Born to lead:
Using the Q key to activate the command mode is vital. When the shooting starts,
use it to direct their fire against allied especially difficult for opponents
take place.
Take all the weapons and their first weapon i like the Minigun then
a good secondary weapon and equip it for success in the battle for 2 and then rapidly affected
r 1 gan combining arms.
Go to options and klick gray ball next to save the configuration of the cheats are all weapons.
Take for Minigun wep and M 79:
If M or 79 begin to push a lot of time and research, this time pushing ur R
Take ur Minigun Pushin backwards by 1 (still push R) If u have Minigun, then stop
R. pushing. u automatically get bazooka fire bullets! Suggestion: Point the cursor
totally to the other side of the game, then the M 79 bullets explode there!
Flaregun and get the Minigun and when playng select and hold flaregun r
and press 1 (r still maintain), then when the news Minigun r shows that
have an unlimited range automatic flamethrower!
We work with all weapons and email me if hasbo118@hotmail.co.uk
to find an ace! harry good shot.
Easy kills:
Do not rush out into combat. Take on your opponents one at a time if possible.

Choose micro Uzi flamethrower then select then press 2 and then hold r and press 1
then drop the r then you have a pitcher flme Uzi precision is 100%
doesn't make you lose piont where the goal is to hit without moving the
bullet trying.

Equip any weapon (the shotgun is my faveorite spas-12), hold 'R' (and keep it stopped)
prensa''para equip the knife (still holding R) allows recharging and has a
pistol with unlimited ammo! N.B. there is absolutely no bribes! but can only
fire a shot at a time of increased damage is also reduced to 80
Unlimted Ammo:
Well first sycthe of death, and any secondary weapon at a time when
go to war and its secondary and have "r" and then click 1. Then get your unlimted
munition that kills in one shot!
Get a Minigun and flaregun:
Then press 2 to go to celebrate then flare arms 1and R and press to go and have a
300 shots with weapons flashes the speed of a mini gun. Also try Minigun and M79 and is obtained
M79 has a 300 shots at the speed of a mini gun [was fired a missile that blows
where to click].
How to Win:
Get rocket launcher as a weapon and its first outbreak of the second weapon.
The best ones are cluster bombs. With these his unstoppable.
Long-range rocket and the groups and the sparkle of a firearm nearby.
The rockets can go through walls.

Grab the flare gun and Tesla cannon. Then press repeatedly r 2, then press one.
You get a quick flare gun and press space to launch a napalm.
Good for difficult stains!

The endless war 1,2, 3 - How to beat all levels ...
Wondering how to beat a certain level in the endless war 1,2,3? U what you gotta do is go
and go to options to unlock all weapons. Then use as main wep Minigun ... then as a weapon
flaregun use ... and use of fragmentation grenades or divider ... then take each level of enemy
one at a time and u should win!
Have the chain gun and flaregun hold r and press 1 press 2, then you get a release ry
auto complete and a launcher that shoots napalm flaregun chain speed gun!

Take a BOZAR and start a game, then hold R and press 3. Now you have a gun even stronger
a Minigun. and unlimited and that the bullets do not have to reload.
Ok get a flare and AK47 or anything that i have for your melee attack Speacial.
Now press 2 repeatedly shown an attack and if u have to hold down then press 1
now u have unlimited ammo special.