Devil May Cry 3 SE Cheat Codes


Devil May Cry 3 SE Cheat Codes
God Mode:
Open dmc3se.exe (usually "c: \ Program Files \ Capcom \ Devil May Cry 3 Special Edition)
with a hex editor and goto offset 1952C5.Then replace 74 (in that location data)
75 with. exit.Now and save when you are playing DMC3 you wont get damaged.
Cheat Codes:
Note: This requires a game pad. Hold Button 5 Button 6 Button 7 Button 8
D-pad Up / Left Left Analog-stick Down / Right until "Devil May Cry" is spoken at
the starting menu. This will unlock all bonus modes, alternate costumes, and
gallery entries.
Bloody Palace mode:
Successfully complete The Game under any difficulty setting.
Dante Must Die Mode:
Successfully complete The Game as Dante or Vergil under the hard difficulty setting.
Super Dante:
Successfully complete The Game under the Dante Must Die difficulty setting to unlock
Super Dante as a character. He has an unlimited Devil Trigger.
Vergil story mode:
Successfully complete The Game under any difficulty setting.
Easy difficulty:
Intentionally fail a mission under the normal difficulty setting three to five times.
A message will appear, stating that you have unlocked the easy difficulty level.
Mundus reference:
Complete The Game and get the Vergil ending, where he falls down in the pool of
blood. There will be three round and red electric orbs that he says he could defeat
if his father did it. This is most likely Mundus, the last Boss from the first game,
because Vergil obviously loses and succumbs to Mundus' power.
Alternate ending sequence:
Defeat at least 100 opponents as Dante during the ending credits.
Mission number references:
During the introduction sequences to every mission, a number that corresponds to
that mission can be found.
Mission 1: A big "1" on the pizza box.
Mission 2: A "2" on a billboard near the outside of Dante's shop.
Mission 3: Three enemies are burned by Lady's motorcycle and fall to make a "3".
Mission 4: There is a banner near where Vergil and Arkham are standing in the
Shape of a "4".
Mission 5: bloodgoyle gets hit into a wall. The remaining blood on the wall is in
The shape of a "5".
Mission 6: Lady Blasts a rocket into the ground and the mark on the ground forms a "6".
Mission 7: After Lady shoots Dante in the head, he smears the blood on the wall.
The blood runs into the shape of a "7".
Mission 8: When Dante gets up, goes near the pillar, and is about to jump off, you can
see a faint shape of an "8" in the moon behind him.
Mission 9: One of Lady's spent shells falls on the ground. A "9" is on the bottom of the bullet.
Mission 10: When Vergil stabs Arkham the blood spatters Arkham's book in the form of a "10".
Mission 11: When Arkham disappears from where he was Stabb, smear the blood leaves an "11"
Mission 12: After Dante grabs the Haywire Neo-Generator, Jester escapes on something shaped
like a "12."
Mission 13: Immediately after Vergil cuts his hand to make a sacrifice, the camera angle changes.
While the angle is turning you can see a "13" carved into a pillar.
Mission 14: At the end of the intermission sequence, it shows an angle aiming down into the pit
Where Vergil fell. On the wall of the crevice is a carved "14".
Mission 15: After awhile after the intermission sequence starts, the camera will face a door
With three symbols on it. Just to the right of it is a dried up plant. The branches
Are shaped into the number "15."
Mission 16: A little while after Dante starts changing between normal and demon forms he will take
Out his guns and shoot them at the same time. If you can spot it, the flash of the two
Gunshots makes "16". You must watch extremely carefully.
Mission 17: After Arkham pulls the force edge from the stone, the rocks shift around. In the bottom
left of the screen will be two rock pillars next to each other. They form a "17".
Mission 18: As Dante is rising up the portal to the demon world, a single newspaper flies around the
bottom right corner of the screen with an "18" on it.
Mission 19: The camera will start to turn at the beginning of the intermission sequence.
As it is turning, there is a Bookshelf. There is an area with books missing in the
shape of a "19".
Mission 20: After Lady shoots her father and starts crying in the background, the mist forms the
Number "20".

How to pass the chamber of intelligence:
First of all just understand the riddle (it's actually a riddle) of the chamber of intelligence.
You must go through doors: 4,2,3 in that order .... then the prize is the artemis.
Gallery items:
Complete The Game on Easy or higher to unlock Gallery mode. Complete the indicated task
to unlock the corresponding item in the Gallery.
Bonus Art 1: Complete The Game under the easy difficulty.
Bonus Art 2: Complete The Game On Normal.
Bonus Art 3: Complete The Game On Hard.
Bonus Art 4: Complete The Game on Very Hard.
Bonus Art 5: Complete The Game on Dante Must Die!.
Bonus Art 6: Obtain an "S" rank on all missions in Easy.
Bonus Art 7: Obtain an "S" rank on all missions in Normal.
Bonus Art 8: Obtain an "S" rank on all missions in Hard.
Bonus Art 9: Obtain an "S" rank on all missions in Very Hard.
Bonus Art 10: Get an "S" rank on all missions in Dante Must Die!.
Bonus Art 11: Get an "SS" rank on all missions in Easy.
Bonus Art 12: Get an "SS" rank on all missions in Normal.
Bonus Art 13: Get an "SS" rank on all missions in Hard.
Bonus Art 14: Get an "SS" rank on all missions in Very Hard.
Bonus Art 15: Get an "SS" rank on all missions in Dante Must Die!.
Defeating Nevan:
As Dante, you need Beowulf (Straight Level 2) and the Trickster style (Level 3 recommended).
When the battle starts, Nevan will teleport herself onto the opera stage. Get close to her
with either Dash (Level 1 and 2) or AirBlink (Level 3), but not too close or she will teleport
away. Try to choose a distance so that she will make a spinning attack while you are unharmed.
While she is spinning, charged straight up and wait for her to stop. When she stops, quickly
Unleash Straight onto her. If done correctly, all of her bats will be destroyed. If not, most of
them will be gone (your Devil Trigger will fill up as you execute this move). Repeat this
strategy until all of her bats are gone. Then, Devil Trigger and onto Nevan Unleash your might,
but make sure to stop Attacking and stay away from her when the black spot under her gets too
big and will hurt you if you dodge it too late. Notice when Nevan is teleporting, even though
she is her invisible but bats are not. This gives you the advantage of seeing where she will
be when she teleports. After recovering herself, Nevan will teleport away. Follow the bats and
get close to her and repeat the prior strategy. If you are too late, she will execute other
moves. Dodge them to avoid being hurt. When Nevan summons lightning that affects the whole
floor, double jump to avoid it or AirBlink. Repeat the above strategy until Nevan is defeated.
Note: When her health is low, Nevan will try to kiss you in order to replenished with her health
yours. Simply Devil Trigger so that she will not be able to kiss you, and you can attack her
Bats are gone because her when she executes this move.
First in main game start then chose Dante and The Game [New game]. Then The Game clear with Dante.
After it will be unlock the Dante's brother Vergil (). If you start new game with Vergil he will
have the power to transform.Then if you start new game with any of them (they) Vergil or Dante
will have new costumes.
Hints: Unleash the Devil inside Dante:
After completing The Game I used to use the trainer of this game to fill in dante must die mode.
That's quite fun. Now on the topic.
The Game 1.When you completed in easy mode and unlocked the bloody palace. Use Beowolf and rebellion
as your weapons. Everytime your health when in full always go inside the fire circle.
2.In the last level when defeating Arkham brother with power. Vergil use as much as you can.
3.Use upgrade orbs to buy swords.
4.Finding the gun is a bit hard. It is situated on a platform before the Nevan's fight, we
Enter a waterfall just before this there is a platform directed by orbs just follow them.
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