Chuck Tricks Games
* In the level where you throw a flag, throw it as hard as you can, so
that bounces off the tree and bounces back, landing near the flag.
* In the second (gun) round, use the mountains as a reference to the goal.
* The level of the star, pulling it diagonally on both sides first and then go through any
has most of the stars in a group.
* The level of the star, pulling the rubber dude in the center of every other party
time. You will notice the features if this is done correctly.
* For the level with the cannon, use the type of shoulder and grass as a
* In round 2, after firing the gun did not move the cursor. It is much easier
if you move the gun and adjust according to where you
achieve the objective.
* In the first case, move the rubber man to the left of the screen
before throwing, as this will give you more space to move the mouse and much more
more speed for more distance.