Cake Mania 2


Cake Mania 2 Tricks
Multi-task to save time:
Anytime you can do a task, while on the way to completing another, the
better. Examples: When you bake a cake, baking next start
customer's order before taking on one hand to get frosted.
You can also share menus to new customers on their way to collect
pies to the oven. Jill can only carry one cake at a time but
can distribute menus, collect money, tune the TV, bake another
Cake and frost cakes, all in possession of a cake in his hand.
Stacking Cakes:
If you can not see the shapes of the cakes, because of the way the cake
stack, look at the color on the side of the cake to determine what
way it is. Select a tray with color frostings that you need and
build your cake on top of a tray that is not confused
piled on the pies.
Put down a cake:
If you pick up the wrong cake and you have to put down, or if you have
only one frosting tray already on a cake, you can right
click on a cake to share with one in hand.
Leave the way, Jill!:
If Jill is blocking your view of the form of buttons, because the furnace
which is on the way, just click where you think it is the button anyway. If
you are not sure, click on it to move somewhere else temporarily.
Get faster ovens, faster shoes and cookie ovens first. Television and
cookies to keep your customers happy for a longer period of time so
can do more. Exhibition stands are good to hold some cakes that may have
made by mistake or make some cakes in advance to show.
Bubble Twins:
Sometimes customers come in pairs - treat them as a single client
with a dual purpose. Hand in your orders as you normally would and
You will also have twice the tip.
Losing money
For every customer who leaves lose $ 50 for each cake
lost $ 20 shooting.
First Great server Tippers:
Doctors are the biggest tippers and they do not have a lot of time taking
care of your order quickly to get the most from the tip. Police officers are
low tippers so you do not get as much of them.
Time saving:
Try to do a task, while on the way to completing another. Jill can only
bring a cake at a time, but you can distribute menus, collect money, set the
TV, bake another cake and frost cakes, all in possession of a pie in his
hand. For example, try the following.
* How to make a cake baking, baking begin the next customer's order before the
frosted cake is considered first.
* Give the new menu from customers on how to collect the cake from the oven.