Bumper Karts


Bumper Karts Tricks:
Avoid the walls at all costs!
With regard to half of the nose where it is happening, and scraping them
the wall is a good tactic.
Start a drive to turn its length from the corner, becomes zig-zag, making
Otherwise turn before you expect, and the release earlier than expected for.
Try the apex of turns, without hitting them - in contact with soil
the costs actually speed.
A clever way to boost the points, it is hoped - the time has, rather
win win by a mile, not just make your move too late.
A version of this risk is to keep back, hinder or wall and the ram -
computer cars as much as possible.
When you go around a corner, if you leave out the left / right key when
you are half the round, which will come out of the corner much better.
You may have to press the button again if you let go too soon, but when
master the skill, is good and you win.
Try to stay the course. If you are of course the game is not your lap.
When making turns, you can use your opponents to your advantage if
that are very close. When making a turn, your opponent can run in curve and use it as a pivot point, making a quick turn.