Cheat - Alice Greenfingers Games


Cheat Codes: 
To activate a cheat, enter the code while playing the game. 

Result Code 
All items store - shopping 
Money - Funding 
Crops grow faster - greenfinger 
No need to water plants - the rain 
Market demand temporarily increases - Goodtime 
End of the Day - endday 

Tips and tricks: 
When you started to play, and when you sell your 1st box 
tomato, set to the highest $. ($ 20) so that you can buy more things to 
a later stage. If someone calls and asks you to learn or anything, you just 
keep pressing yes. It will help you and your money. 

* Water supply of crops: If you buy the hose that can help you water it 
  can only contribute to water 10u. Thus, digging, trying to 8u. And since 
  there are 20 seeds in a bag, 2 boxes (16h) will be to ONE seed bag. If 
  there are new seeds or something, not be very enthusiastic about the purchase. Round 
  your money before you buy. 
* Pricing: If you want to set the price based on demand. If it 
  is low, set it lower than if it is high, set on the rise. If you do not follow 
  the application, you can sell your crops real slow. (execpt the 1st box 
  tomatoes to sell you the tutorial.) 
* Decoration: If you want to get the price of garden, shop for decorations. 
  This will cost a lot. (For some) 
* Sabotage: If someone calls asking you if you want to sabotage your competetors, 
  try not to agree. If it fails, your popular will fall and sometimes very high. 
* Pets: They will help you earn more money. But try to keep the chicken away 
  your crops. (put them away. If they come near, go to the place 
  where they are and they run off). 
* Low Cultures: Purchase of fertilizer and put online. It will grow faster. 
* Digging in the wrong: If you have been wrong, dig, buy grass seed and plants again. 
* Harvest: 1 box can only contain 4pcs (type 1 only). 
* You do not want to walk too far?: If your production is far from the french, buy 1 
  and a closer. (not complus). 
* Problems: If you buy the hose to water the crops, still requires 
  water, (included only if the pipe can happen), it May be 'bugs' close of play 
  and re-open. It is watered by that. 

* You do not need to collect all the cultures where they are ready for harvest. Cultures 
  will never be bad, and you can look at your own pace. Water is a necessity 
  when they are increasingly, if you do not give them enough water, they will die. 
* When time is short and the day is about to end immediately the harvest of some crops. 
  Then visit the market and sell them. To do this, every day to earn more profits. 
* When you adjust your price and start selling your crops, you can continue 
  harvest. Cultures will continue to sell at the bottom and it will save valuable 

After you successfully build your first harvest, visit the market and offer for sale. 
At this point, you can set the price as high as desired and the customer buy. 
Once your crop is sold, visit the shop. The two most important updates to the purchase 
the first five stacker box the pitcher of water and the upgrade. 
Pay attention to the demand for crops. Adjust your prices based on demand 
levels at some point. Try the following prizes for each level of demand. 

Extremely low: $ 2 
Very Low: $ 3 to $ 4 
Low: $ 4 to $ 5 
Below average: $ 5 
Price: $ 6 to $ 7 
Above average: $ 8 to $ 9 
High: $ 10 to $ 11 
Very high: $ 12 to $ 13 
Extremely high: $ 14 to $ 15 

Do not plant crops in a continuous line. Allow spaces after a line of four or five 
cultures. When you unlock the irrigation upgrade, you can place it between the lines correctly. 

In subsequent phases, save as many cows as possible in an enclosed space. Cows produce a bottle 
milk about two minutes, which will be automatically collected. Four cows produce thirty 
two bottles of milk per day. 

"A +" grade: 
In order to obtain an "A +" grade, max on the knowledge, wealth, popularity and the health stats 
and get all the trophies. 

Improvement of statistics: 
Perform the following tasks to improve the stat. 

Knowledge: Buy the shop keepers as soon as possible, have a good variety of 
  flowers and crops, and purchase as many books as possible. 
Wealth: Have all the animals and plants on your farm. Continue to buy all the new items shop 
  and get all the scholarships. Your cash on hand should be over $ 1000. 
Popularity: This stat is based on sales for the last ten days. Sell approximately twenty-five 
  boxes crops for ten consecutive days. Popularity also depends on how you 
  noticed in Aliceville. Try to give money to charity when asked, and 
  articles written in the newspaper. 
Health: This status will affect customers on the market. Customers buy 
  more crops if Alice is in good health. 

* Do not buy all the pipe you need. Try to leave some places unwatered for some time, 
  plants die and you can place a new plant in this area. 

* Do not go too often to storage, just place it near your crops until you have enough 
  full storage. Then, the storage and sale. It saves a lot of time.