Age of Mythology (cheat)


Cheat mode: 

In the game, press ENTER, then enter a cheat below. 
Press ENTER again to activate: 

NOTE: Codes SENSITEVE CAP! (Hold down the Caps Lock key on) 

Code Result 

Thrill VICTORY - Win Scenario 
Darkest AT NIGHT - Night Mode 
Mount Olympus - Max Favor 
SET Ascendant - All Animals 
Consider the Internet - Slow Down Units 
Pandoras Box - New God Power 
DIVINE INTERVENTION - Enable used god power 
Junk Food NIGHT - Get 100 Food 
ATM of Erebus - Get 1000 gold 
Uncertainty and doubt - Hide Map 
Darkest AT NIGHT - Night Mode 
Mount Olympus - Max Favor 
SET Ascendant - All Animals 
Consider the Internet - Slow Down game 
GOATUNHEIM - Turn enemy goats 
Fear of food - Chicken Metero God Power 
I want the MONKEYS !!!!! - In Monkeys 
WUV WOO - Flying Purple Hippo 
Tines of power - ForkBoy 
O Canada - Lazer Bear 
ISIS HEAR MY PLEA - Heroes from the Campaign 
RED TIDE - Changes Water to Red 
CHANNEL SURFING - Units can Walk on Water 
L33t SUPA H4X0R - Fast Build 
MR. MONDAY - Get a handicap 
Wrath of the Gods - Get the Meteor god power, Lightning god power, 
  Tornado power of God and God's power earthquake 

Lazerbear is very fast and can not destroy all the buildings that good, but 
can wipe an army very well. 


If you are in the game you press Enter, after a screen: 
Enter these worlds: Garlic, Karnecs, Dragon Fight Dugerons and, in addition 
another screen to show, choose the cheat that you want. 

Victory myth units with colors: 

Can be used in the 7th or 8 Campaign, the heroes Arkantos, Ajax & Chiron have 
three relics and safely back to the three temples on the way 
she paints (a kind of unity, the invisible to enemy units) however, 
they can not attack buildings but they are very effective against myth units. 
Simply click on the shadow, and select any enemy myth unit eg: (Colossus, Hydra, 
Cracking) to attack them. The colors draw the enemy myth unit souls and reduce 
away. (You can only be used if a myth unit). Dont use shades on 
ineffective myth units like (Minotaur, Cyclops). Use them as they are 
sure you will receive. If doubts persist, email me. 

Stop enemy reinforcements for some time to your base: 

In Age of Mythology, there is no need to use a cheat because the game 
perfect sense. However, the enemies in Age of Mythology is much more 
more, we must avoid to our base. At the beginning 
of the game press "Enter" and "O Canada" to provide you with a laser 
is stronger. Send him to the enemy, so that the enemies are 
busier in destroying him. In the meantime, we can extend our base and easily 
Administration of the enemy. If doubts persist, email me. 

During playback scrieno that your hero for a lot of fighting and in easy mode 
when your hero is fallen, then if the army or your man near him, 
then he returned to his life and walk again. Try your God 
Powers, if the loss or the power will be the last weapon because the 
Powers under a will noy come back. This game is much more powerful army 
and are difficult to campians. Sun, prapare your army and try to search on 
techonolygies. If you slected advance at a different time, then have your age 
by the position of the stage or play. Thus, the following tips you can use your game 

This is the last and the exciting campaign of age of mythology.If you 
want to play this in titan difficulty mode then this will be real difficult 
Task. If you are a wonder, zeus happy and gives a special performance 
"Blessing of Zeus." If you use this power to trigger Arkantos he is so 
powerful but he can not retreat into this difficulty mode.In order until the end 
this mission a stylish way. Simply type in Divine Intervention "and copy it 
and paste it all over no: time and now enter the cheat "ISIS HEAR My request" 
Copy this cheat and add about 10 times.Now Its crowded by many heroes. 
Select all arkantos type and trigger the special godpower "blessing of Zeus' 
on each them.Now attack the enemy with the new army. 

Build your base is long, but only in "Atlantis Reborn" and your whole 
Base is as big as Atlantis, and there is a whole army waiting to attack or 
defend. If there are more things to ask just mail to " 

If you are in the campaign mode, enter the channel surf, you are only in 
at another stage.I who cheat on me. 

For unlimited Osiris sons get the 2 PHAROS thing, then the son of 
PWR god Osiris, so both PHAROS ur a hero with the divine intervention 
cheat, then the game will be a further Pharo and make him a son of Osiris, and so 
and the game is and then u will have unlimited sons 

Flaming Swords: 

Get the power of God's flaming sword raises that to you, and keep the input 
in divine intervention to heaps of the god power flaming sword, and then click 
to a unit and keep up with the god on the device. These and all other 
Units have much strength in attack. 

Two Pharaohs: 

Now, as the Egyptians. When you click on the Mythic Age, select Osiris as the Minor 
God. If the improvements and power of God, click on the "New Empire" 
Improvement. Wait until the second Pharaoh to be generated, then use Son 
Osiris god power on the second Pharaoh. You will get another Pharaoh in a 
few moments, and you then have a son of Osiris and two Pharaohs 

Llamas / Ox: 

Once in the heroic age of a market, train the llamas / ox and 
Send it to your town center .... The longer the distance more gold they wear. 

Unit Strengths: 

Myth are strongly against human soldiers, human soldiers are strong against 
Heroes and the heroes are strong against myth units. 

Build your defenses: 

Make sure that building a good defense for your solution at an early stage of the game on 
Protection against any incoming invasion. 

Hidden taunt: 

While playing a LAN or online game, press the Enter key and enter 999, not the 
Theme music but with extra sounds like monkeys singing, ect. Very funny, but 
only if you do so. 

One way to goals: 

Use the following trick to a gate that you can use, but not your allies 
(to prevent them from using the resources around you). First, a fortress, 
Migdol Stronghold, Fort Hill, or any kind of Tower. Create your city with walls. 
Have the fortress tower or a portion of the walls. If you want a unit to 
from one side of the wall to another, they have a garrison in the fortress or 
Tower. Then, the collection on the opposite side. If you eject the units 
They are on the other side of the wall. 
Note: This does not work on units that are not garrison inside buildings. 

King of the Hill: 
When playing the King of the Hill map Poseidon. Once the game starts, 
Cast Lure near the numerous vaults in the middle of the map. The Lure Stone 
the collection of the vaulting. While it will not win the game (unless if the vault 
is on an island), there will be additional funds in the amount of time that your 
Opponents to try to reclaim it. 

Easy win: 

Use the following trick for an easy victory on any map and some campaign 
Cards. Activate the Pandoras BOX code random god power until you get a lot of Vault. 
Then the Divine Intervention code until you have four or five. If you 
not already done so, so that the l33t SUPA H4X0R code to the building 
Construction and unit cost. Some villagers or Ulfarsks to build a 
military production building (ie barracks), then select the desired unit 
Production and select the "Repeat" button. This will pump your enemy base 
of your units continuously and ensure a complete victory. 

Age of Mythology God Strategy Cheats: 


His Bolt kills everyone, except transport and Ox Carts. To use this screw 
effective waste is not just any unit, wait until you are threatened 
by a large unit, such as a son of Osiris or Nidhogg. Starts with 25 Favor, gains 
fast and can favor Favor 200. Hoplites faster. Infantry can be 150% 
Damage to buildings. His myth Tech Olympic pedigree, increases the hit points 
of Heroes. 


This brother of Zeus' god power is Lure, a stone, attracts a certain 
Number of animals before they attract the desired number of animals. 
Cavalry and Stables with Poseidon and cheaper. Militia appear destroyed (destroyed) 
Building. Also, your market trade cheaper. 


Press the Enter key and type the following cheat "runcobracar" and click on the city 
Center there including Cobra car ballastic missiles. 


Press the Enter button and write "mogonarc receive five dragons rambo 

Unlimited Son of Osiris: 

First, make sure that you are worship Isis, then when the promotion of the Mythic 
Age, worship Osiris, then research New Kingdom at the temple, usethe "divine 
Intervention "cheat on the Son of God Osiris and put them on your 
Pharaohs. Then wait about a minute, and you will get another pharaoh. Use the 
Son of Osiris god power on it, and repeat the process as often as you like! 
(Do not forget to think about the "divine intervention" cheat for the Son of Osiris 
God's power.) 

Hellenic Aid: 

Each of the Greek gods have Haephaestus as one of their last demi-gods. You 
should always be the choice, as he is giving him the best demi-god in the game. He has Titans 
as his main creature, which are the most powerful, and his power, the vault of plenty 
a slowly resources in you stash. It does not seem like much, but before 
You know it, you have 16000 of each resource. 

Unlimited Sons of Osiris: 

To start, you need to worshiping the great Egyptian God Isis or Ra. Then, prior to 
The Mythic Age and worship Osiris. Ignore the fact that the mummies, which you can make 
are useless. Then select either the Temple or Town Center, and select the research 
Technology. The description is of the other issues Osiris Pharaoh to govern your people. 
Thereafter. Activate the Divine intervention code. Do this as often as desired. Each 
Time, this option is enabled, you can use all your god powers again. Then use the 
Son of Osiris god power on your pharaohs have two sons of Osiris. About all 
three to five minutes, another Pharaoh will be near your Town Center, you 
then use the god power on. Within five ten to twenty minutes, you should be about eight 
to ten of these plants. In this way you can wipe out an enemy at that 
more than half of the card, without one of them. If you attack something, 
the lighting, the shoots from their rods to achieve the original objective 
up to four other enemy units or buildings. 

Easy duplicates: 

To browse through several scenarios in "The Fall of the Trident" campaign at the same time, 
Use the following trick. Pause game play, then press the [Enter] to open the chat box. 
Turn the CHANNEL SURFING code. Highlight the text. Press [Ctrl] + C. Press [ENTER] to 
so that the code and then press the [Enter], then [Ctrl] + V, then [Enter] repeatedly 
In order to initialize the game, loading the next scenario in the campaign. 
Once you're done "Duplicate", "return to the game by pressing the [Pause]. You should see 
the game is loading the next scenario. Note: This will take some time. The amount of time 
load depends on how many times you had duplicated. 

Floating enemies: 

Enter Mount Olympus and get a few Niddhogs. Raid an enemy city and the continuous use 
Meteor A great warrior armies. Sometimes an enemy will be floating while Kicking 
their legs. Get rid of them by using them. 

Go through walls: 

If you are an Egyptian who is the son of God Osiris and use. If you 
Performance (you will get another Pharaoh), use the power of God Divine intervention 
and keep using it. If you have eleven or more, go to your enemies and attack with 
Their sons of Osiris. When you attack, you should float, and your sons of Osiris 
is determined by the wall. 

Games like the other players: 

The one thing you have to do: 
1.go on the campaign menu and click on one of the scenarios 
2.Skip the clip, and then quit the game. 
3.go to editor 
4. Click File and click on the option spoken Babble alien, and click on it. 
5.scroll at the top, until he says something like "test game" then click on it. 
6.There should play on what the "test" as, click on one of the players. 
7.Enjoy the acquisition of Atlantis! 

Finishing quickly, Chapter 32: 

You can quickly end this by first building your business and updated very quickly 
The Mythic Age. Then as many as possible and simultaneously building 
Your army. After the destruction of a temple near the city center in the west, and you will 
They Meteor Power. I think your meat, timber and gold should be about 20,000 and your 
Gefallen at 200th Then make a miracle, and send all your villagers to build it. Then 
You will receive the gift of Zeus, which is a super powerful Arkantos Demi-God 
(You lose the rest of the power of God, but it's worth it). Then, with God 
Arkantos Power on, start the attack. But be warned, a statue of Poseidon, you must leave 
some of the queue on the military. Then it is that you have beaten the game congratulations. 

Building your business quickly: 

At the beginning, you have 3-5 villagers. Then a few animals that hunt, but you can 
have 1 villager build houses, all of your meat to villagers to buy more if you 
at least 25 villagers divide them into 3 groups will collect the food, the other 
Gold and the last timber. And that is you have to know what I am doing this 
all the time. And surprisingly it works in about 10 minutes I already have 20,000 in 
any means. 

How to kill Poseidon statue in a short time: 

When you reach Mission 32, you will be in front of the statue of Poseidon. Then you 
have the 3 god powers. You do not need to grow older and bulit a miracle. Simply enter 
"Divine intervention" cheat for about 5 or 7 Then use the screw to the Living Statue 
(Note: The statue will not die if in.), until they die. 

Easy Play: 

In the game press the enter key and enter these codes 

Junk Food NIGHT - Get 100 Food 
ATM of Erebus - Get 1000 gold 
Pandoras Box - New God Power