Aces Over Europe


Cheat Codes: 
Enter the following codes to cheat function. 

Code Effect 

borntodie - full armor 
Quarts - Invisibility 
batat - full of life 
Papa - full army 
Quarts - invisability 


Here is a cool thing you can do to help you with the annoying 
Ground targets: you land, then accelerate so that your tail 
is out of the ground, but you are not yet fly. Turn around 
Location shooting bad guys (safer than flying, because you 
can not crash). 

Blind enemy aircraft: 

Create your aircraft in a forward slip by applying full rudder in 
any direction, and with the aileron in the opposite direction 
Flying to keep us in a constant position. Enemy aircraft 
are before the flight does not rotate. 

Easy ground targets: 

Land, then accelerate enough lift your aircraft from the tail 
Soil, but not enough. "Drive" in this position to shoot the enemy 
Objectives. Due to the low altitude, you will not crash.