Delta Force - Black Hawk Down

Delta Force Black Hawk Down - multiplayer DEMO:
Infinite ammunition:
Get AT4 and search grenade. When you get ready for this, press Shift
and Fire (while with AT4) ... If you do it well, you'll kill yourself and
and when revived ... You are in the same place with endless ammunition.
Multiplayer tips:
When you always kill you in multiplayer, or experienced and veteran
I have some helpful advice.
* Play as the type of soldier you are better of not playing like the type that you
Do not really like just because the level.
* Always move forward is not entirely related to the snipers!
* Snipers always find a good place to hide. Try to stay near area with many
brush or shadow, so you can not so noticeable.
* If you are a sniper who wants high-powered rifle in urban areas-I
recommend the M21. Otherwise, follow the tactical or .300 Barrett.
* Be careful if your team loses and you have PSP. Enemies, we hope
distracted the rest of the team.
* Use the command! It is not overstated!
Shore Patrol mission: an unexpected ally:
At the last stage of the mission, you must destroy the ship. In bed compartment
Ship, a man with AK-47. It will look at the enemies. Do not kill him.
Instead, jump through it. He shot at you. You can jump in front of him or
fire in him. He falls, but not shoot you.

Open a command console and enter just reboot ... You will be invisible and
Inmortal. Only if you or someone kills your body (where you is a scam), you
can be killed.

Note: Multiplayers online games, chity for cowards when the game is good
And all people playing CORRECTILY. I deceive, as when the game is
is a lie.

Get To Crash, only LOST Convoy:
In lost convoy to get to the accident, if you see a barrel at the corner NOT blow
UP!. You have to jump on them and jump on the roof with barrels and other
roof until you see blades. If you go there and go to the building you
usually going to beat the level. Now if you want to save it you do not have to wait
so long to get to the accident. Now you're battling a swarm of Somalis and if you die
just go to the saved game and restart.