Cybermercs - The Soldiers Of The 22nd Century


Cybermercs - Soldiers 22 Century Codes:
First press [Alt] + [F12], cause a screen to enter. Now type
in "wlrnwhdakf" or "doomsday" to enable cheat mode. You must
see. phrase "Cheatcode Enable" appear. Now press [Alt] + [F12]
then [Enter] and enter one of the codes below.
Effect Code:
Character Options Intelligence - Int [1-999]
Configuring character dexterity - DEX [1-999]
Adjusting damage character - press the [1-999]
Setting strength of character - street [1-999]
Include a killing blow - on onekill
Disable one hit kills - from onekill
More money - money [1-999]
Enable the timer again - time
Stop timer - break
Enable timer - again time
Invincibility - invulnerable on
Disable invincibility - invulnerable on
Note: Codes are active only for the current level and should be
activated if necessary.