Clive Barker's Undying

Clive Barker's Undying Miniature Theatre:
- Hit Tab
- Enter Open Manor_EntranceHall_FromKitch "
- The picture on the left direction
- Go and try to reach the top of the two external painting.
They will become slightly embedded and you hear a click
when you are successful.
- Watch the show.
The problem against bosses Codes
If the game detects you have more than 100 health,
Master Creatures will attack. So how do you
weakness should be used during their attack
You can not continue. Use of health
cheat set your health to 100
to superiors.
Guns and Monsters:
The game requires a little strategy to circumvent the monsters. Gathering
The right to arms will be essential for victory.
Revolver: Good long range attack. Effective against people and loudmouth.
Ineffectiveness against scarrows and skeletons.
Shotgun: It has little effect on the crier and people. Phosphorus units to create a fire
damage that eventually kill. The enemy will have time to attack when you restart.
Ice Cannon: slows down most creatures. When used in conjunction with the Mans Attack,
his "relative strength scarrows, rights and loudmouth.
Scythe: if aimed correctly, will most of the creatures. If you decapitate skeleton
it still will rise to attack you.
And another tip: Guns only work on loudmouth if you expect to raise in attack
position and shoot them in the head.