BioShock 2


BioShock 2 Telekinesis free:
You can use telekinesis to pull the normal points to you without
Reserve your Eve. Your Eve used only when you release the trigger
and throw items with Telekinesis. This means that you can use telekinesis to
pull items as ammunition and first aid kits for you to grab, not spending
any meter. However, if you take an item that you have increased since,
You'll be stuck holding his Telekinesis - or trigger release
throw it up and spend meter.

However, if you pull the wheel and choose a different plasmid plasmids attack
You can release the trigger to abandon the item automatically without Telekinesis
throw it. So you will not spend meter dropping an item that
can not be held. This also works for pulling electrified trip wires from the walls.
Pull the item to you with Telekinesis and release the trigger,
plasmids tighten the wheel to select another plasmid. When you close
plasmids wheel and release the trigger, you simply drop the item.
No meter Eva spent.

Easy XP mode Multiplayer:
In the second to join your game until it is in progress on any team game, putting his
or her to another team. Find the tower in any point on the map and make sure that no one
around. You and your friends can break down the tower there and back in 10 for XP hack. Repeat
it as many times as desired.
Hacking for fighting:
When you break down machine, stop the needle in the blue section free
ammunition or free before. When you hack the health station with the same strategy
get first aid kits.
Easy Security Research:
Find hackable trade or health machine next to or near the conclusion of the Bot group. Hack
machines and stop at a red cursor to activate the Security bots will come after thee.
Quickly turn and snap on a camera, then close them on the cover. Handicapped bot
still emphasized the research camera, and you can easily research in the field of security.

Welding wait to trip the signal, resulting in two security bots to show. Home Rental
Research on a camera boat until it splaysera murder and then shot at him
with a rapid fire from the weapon as the gun or rivet gun. This should give
600-800 research indicates bot, and no risk. Note: fire ammunition for
Shotgun is massive bonuses for research, so the switch arc, then blows it
some shots once you get to 1100 points of study, depending on welding
and research that uses a tonic.

Rumbler fumble:
When you're battling Rumbler - Big Daddy by missiles - to use telekinesis
To grab it fires missiles and return them back to her for an easy victory.