4D Sports Driving


4D Sports Driving
Terrain editor:
Press Shift + [F1] while in the track editor. Water, hills, and
elevations may now be modified.
Easy wins:
Push your opponent to the starting post and he will crash. You should
stay where you are because your motion was slow. Make a "U"-turn and
go a short distance back through the terrain. It will not work if you
go through the road. Make another "U"-turn and go back on the road.
It will show a penalty time, but as you drive through the finish line
you will win because there are opponents in the race.
More fun in created tracks:
For more fun in creating tracks for stunts, just make a little track
in the form of an oval. This will make the track legal.
For the rest of the map, just do whatever desired.
Defeating Skid Vicious:
Give Skid Vicious a jeep and choose a track with a jump.
Skid will crash and burn.