Pirates Of The Caribbean - The Legend of Jack Sparrow

Pirates Of The Caribbean - The Legend of Jack Sparrow heat Codes:
Easy money:
First, improve your every move he has. After killing many enemies
as possible. You will kill them easily. Repeat the level, then kill
Defeating Jacoby:
Jack grog Using Bombs and throwing them on the shelf ..
The defeat Ptel:
There are lines around Pentel that hold a candelabra on her head.
Cut the wires and the lamp will fall over it.
This is much faster than the launching of objects into it.
How to Beat Blacksmoke James:
To overcome Blacksmoke James, continue to use its strong attack until it is
in the smoke. Then throw in the powerdregs where the bullets are
from. Repeat until you beat him.
Easy Way to Beat Jacobey:
When you're struggling Jacobey, instead of throwing things, making shooting
their bombs in chains standing beside them. If it does, the hood
on it rests on him.
Sword Updates:
For an oriental sword for your character, play the "Temple of Terror"
level. Get up to the part where they are sealed in the corridor with
two archers and the enemies are coming from the wall. Open the chest in
side and that will change their sabers leaves bright Oriental.